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We are the One
Who turns the Beauty

into Arts


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Full range of professional products


ZAN Factor

Professional Cosmetics for the Cosmetologists

Extending youth and beauty is the dream of every woman. Now no one doubts that it is better to carry out basic cosmetic procedures in beauty salons rather than at home. Qualified cosmetologists and high-quality products are the key to successful and effective procedures.

Professional cosmetics for cosmetologists Zan Factor are para pharmaceutical products, without which not a single course of correction or prevention of various cosmetic problems is possible. These products are used mainly in cosmetology clinics and offices.

Acne Removal
Hydroline Face Complex
Biofit Complex
Glow Eyes
Eye Finelines Solution
Hair Restore
Easy Eyes
Ultimate Moisturising
Whitening Solution
Hydroline Face Complex
Lipo Slim
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We are the OneWho turns the Beauty into Arts

Beauty is a subjective concept and each of us is unique. At the same time, beautiful people are distinguished by taking care of their appearance and their bodies, knowing the value of their uniqueness.

The desire to preserve youth, correct age-related changes and skin imperfections is also a manifestation of status. Our patients are successful and very demanding people. Our task is to help the patient correct imperfections in the face and body, to bring them to maximum harmony.

To create Beauty is our Mission

New Arrivals

Retinoate Sleep Serum Capsules
DNA Cell Serum Capsules
Anti-Age Eye Serum Capsules
Collagen Serum Capsules
Glow skin Serum Capsules
Revital Serum Capsules
Pearl SPF 50 Capsules
Silver Serum Capsules
Uplift Serum Capsules

Full Range of Professional Products for the Cosmetologists

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Explore the Collection



Explore the Collection