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Direct and indirect lipolytics.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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When reducing body fat, our main task is to do no harm! Because fat is our invaluable bank for the condition of our skin. But excess fat deposits do not decorate us either. We work with fat deposits correctly!


OF DIRECT LIPOLYTICS Direct lipolytics destroy the fat cell of the dermis itself. Let's not talk about the danger of individual elements that are present in direct lipolysis, classical direct lipolytics - there is destruction.

Our Fatless product works using a safe method. This is Apoptosis of Adipocytes - fat cells. Why apoptosis? Is this the “dying” of cells? Yes! Exactly! But the kind that happens every day. And therefore the body can get rid of apoptotic tissue itself without any side effects! The main difference between apoptosis and cell necrosis during destruction is the absence of inflammation. The adipocyte will be phagocytosed by macrophages without inflammatory mediators.

Apoptosis is a biological process used by the body to reduce the number of cells. Cellular

Apoptosis can be used to reduce fat tissue on the face (and body), it allows you to reduce, without side effects, the number of fat cells and, as a consequence, excess volume.


These drugs are also called “lipocorrectors.” They have a softer, “leisurely” action. Reducing the volume of a fat cell without destroying it.

  • Stimulation of processes: stimulation of the growth of new vascular endothelial cells and the development of new blood vessels and improvement of microcirculation in adipose tissue.

  • Improving metabolic and energy processes in fat cells.

  • Improving the functioning of the lymphatic system.

  • Indirect-acting drugs speed up metabolism, improve drainage and indirectly affect adipose tissue.

In the ZAN FACTOR line, indirect lipolytics are


Let's summarize. Traditional direct lipolytics break down the fat cell membrane itself (adipocytes and their membranes) and it dies.

The drug ZAN FACTOR Fatless, divides the cell into small portions (apoptotic bodies), and releases residues on the cell surface, as if “digesting” them.

Indirect lipolytics – activate the breakdown of fat by improving metabolism, lymphatic drainage, without destroying the fat cell membrane itself.

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