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EGF in skin care

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Why it's so popular?

Hyaluronate - Epidermal Growth Factor Conjugate for Skin Wound Healing and Regeneration - Biomacromolecules


a polypeptide, helps stimulate cell skin to grow and repair

the skin cells. EGF is the most important factor for healthy-looking skin, as it helps support the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to keep skin looking smooth, thick, and dense.

EGF’s success as a healing agent has been awarded the Nobel Prize for this breakthrough.

ZAN FACTOR uses EGF in its products, purely plant-based. Using progressive methods of cutting-edge biotechnology,

ZAN FACTOR EGF Peptides Mask production developed a method to produce a plant-based EGF in barley plants for exceptional purity, stability, sustainability, and efficacy.

In addition, ZAN FACTOR used as mask base Natural Silk that contains 18 different amino acids, comes from the cocoon of the silkworm,

which is very close to human skin structure and makes them a wonderful source of nourishment and maintenance.

ZAN FACTOR EGF PEPTIDES MASK allows the skin to retain more moisture, which in turn helps prevent dry or damaged skin.

How to use ZAN FACTOR EGF Peptides Mask?

Apply a mask on the cleaned face for 5- 15 minutes. Take away the mask and don't wash the face after it. You can put cream following

your skin type.

When to use ZAN FACTOR EGF Peptides mask?

The best solution is to put on EGF Peptides Mask after any type of procedure like mesotherapy, peelings, laser, etc. every case when you need to heal and revive your skin.

Can I use ZAN FACTOR EGF Peptides Mask at home?

Of course! You can use it as a supplement for your skin for rapid nourishing, moisturizing, and reducing acne as well.

Use it once or twice a week after cleansing your skin with



and Toner with AHA acids.

Which skin type is suitable ZAN FACTOR EGF PEPTIDES MASK?

As we mentioned before, EGF has been commonly used in medicines that speed up wound recovery by stimulating cell growth and repairing damaged skin. With its unique abilities, it can restore dull and aging skin by reinvigorating your skin cells to grow, repair, and thrive. This gives you the appearance of healthier and younger skin.

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