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Emergency care in a cosmetologist's office

When you stand at the chair with a needle, what do you do to ensure that your procedure is safe? What do you ask your patient before performing a procedure? How do you collect anamnesis?

For example, if a patient has fear in his eyes, what do you tell him?

And if you hear his stomach growling. What does this tell you? Is this flatulence?

Or are these warning signs of an emergency?

Why does my stomach hurt and my heart cells die?

Cholecystitis, pancreatitis, diarrhea... How not to miss a heart attack

Consider a heart attack if you have digestive disorders.

What to do before the ambulance arrives

Why is abdominal pain associated with a heart attack dangerous?

We'll talk about this and much more at our WEBINAR. Today! October 6.

ZAN Holding invites you to the scheduled conference: Zoom.

Topic: Emergency care in a cosmetologist's office

Time: 6 Oct. 2023 12:00 PM Prague, Bratislava

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