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The neck is a marker of aging.


The neck is a marker of aging. Changes in skin quality in this area can appear at different ages, depending on the patient’s lifestyle, proper cosmetic care, the use or absence of preventive injection or hardware procedures, hormonal status, and to some extent genetics.

Flabbiness, dryness, dull color or pigmentation, fine wrinkles, pronounced skin patterns, cords - “weightlifter's neck”, or deep rings of Venus - are all signs of aging.

Why is the neck area susceptible to early aging?

  • Unlike the skin on the face, the skin on the neck and décolleté is thinner.

Its structure is such that subcutaneous fat is either weakly expressed or practically absent. The PFA is a kind of support for the dermal layer. Therefore, the neck of moderately overweight patients looks more youthful.

  • The skin is a hormone-dependent organ, and against the background of a decrease in estrogen levels, the production of the dermal matrix slows down significantly.

  • Synthetic processes in skin cells slow down for other reasons: smoking, sun exposure, adverse weather and environmental conditions, lack of care.

  • The dermal matrix is ​​collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans. During the aging process, catabolic processes (destruction) proceed much faster than anabolic processes (construction), the dermis becomes thin, the skin loses its elasticity, and also loses moisture, which leads to dryness and poor skin color. If the patient is of a fragile build, then most often we see skin like a pulled down stocking.

Anatomy also affects the condition of the skin.

The thin neck muscle, platysma, starts from the collarbones and goes up and ends in the middle third of the face; when it contracts excessively, it forms cords. Bands of platysma – “weightlifter’s neck” – are expressed in approximately 2/3 of patients; they usually have not only complaints about the condition of the skin of the neck, but also a fuzzy oval of the face and drooping corners of the mouth.

What methods of correcting this zone does modern cosmetology offer?

The gold standard is considered to be a combination of botulinum therapy and collagen stimulating procedures. In my practice, I follow a protocol where at the first stage I treat with a neurotoxin, adjust the patient’s home care, and prescribe nutritional support (vitamins, microelements, antioxidants) as indicated. And in two weeks I will begin a course of stimulating procedures.

Depending on the initial condition: carry out 2-3 biorevitalization procedures with trehalose: ZAN REGEN, ZAN FACTOR preparations with PDRN, and a preparation to compensate for the NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTOR ZAN ULTIMATE MOUISTURASING.

The next step is always collagen stimulation.

Preparations with polylactic acid RESCULPT.

Correction with polylactic acid is carried out once a month until a satisfactory result is achieved. In my practice, there were patients for whom one procedure was enough, but more often it was two or three procedures, and the result lasted up to two years. I perform both techniques using a safe instrument - a flexible cannula, this ensures painlessness, and is also faster than using a needle. The risk of hematomas is minimal.

Many patients ask the question at what age to start injections on the neck and décolleté. There is no clear answer here. You can go to see a doctor when you see obvious signs of aging, but I recommend performing seasonal biorevitalization from the age of 30, and using collagen stimulants after forty years.

Let me remind you that at this age there is a significant decrease in the level of female sex hormones against the background of a regular menstrual cycle and, with imaginary well-being, the skin loses collagen. And of course it is worth recalling that there is a concept of seasonality.

Biorevitalization can be performed at any time of the year.


There are a number of hardware methods that can be part of a comprehensive plan or a standalone step. In my practice, I use a lifting technique using focused ultrasound, the Ulthera@System device.


And concluding our conversation, I would like to note the importance of daily skin care on the neck and décolleté. It is necessary to cleanse the skin morning and evening with a mild product containing fruit acids. I draw your attention to ZAN FACTOR DIAMOND TONER AHA

Fruit acids not only cleanse the skin well, but also promote hydration. We remember that well-moisturized skin has an excellent barrier and therefore looks more youthful.

Always apply cream after cleansing.


Dermatologist and cosmetologist Natalya Bondarenko is always nearby and ready to help you maintain youth and beauty.

Remember that women make this world a better place! Don't save on yourself, otherwise they will save on you!

You can make an appointment with Dr. Natalia Bondarenko for an initial consultation or procedures in Bulgaria by calling 088 564 9521 or via messenger.

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