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What do we know about skin cells❓

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

One of the most important missions of our skin is immune function. The skin directly gives an immune response to a particular irritant. Specialized Langerhans macrophages are responsible for this.

They perform the function of removing toxins and waste into the lymph nodes.

The Langerhans cell, with its processes, can migrate from the dermis to the epidermis and back, looking along the way into the lymph nodes, where it transports “captured” pathogens.

Why procedures don’t give the desired result

Let's start with lymph. And how does it work👇🏻

If the outflow of lymph in the lymphatic vessels is disrupted and the lymph cannot cope with the amount of toxins that Langerhans cells have given it, our immunity is not able to “fight” for our health.

We experience swelling in the arms and legs, severe sweating or, by the way, its complete

absence, cellulite, eczema and inflammation on the skin.

How to help lymph

Mesotherapy containing lymphotonics. Our Power Drainage + Power Vessels meso-cocktails launch the processes of cleansing blood vessels and lymph.

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