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Professional Cosmetics for the Cosmetologists

Extending youth and beauty is the dream of every woman. Now no one doubts that it is better to carry out basic cosmetic procedures in beauty salons rather than at home. Qualified cosmetologists and high-quality products are the key to successful and effective procedures.

Professional cosmetics for cosmetologists Zan Factor are para pharmaceutical products, without which not a single course of correction or prevention of various cosmetic problems is possible. These drugs are used mainly in cosmetology clinics and offices.


Preparations for mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, as a minimally invasive method that disrupts the skin layer, requires implementation only in beauty salons using proven quality products.
Mesomedicines produced by Zan Factor can be divided into three groups: allopathic, homeopathic and homotoxicological remedies. All professional cosmetics for cosmetologists from the group of mesopreparations are not registered as medicines. Their beneficial effects on the human body are due to their unique composition: cell extracts from embryonic and placental tissues.
Glycolic, pyruvic, nucleic acids, dimethylaminoethanol, minerals, vitamins and amino acids are also widely used for mesotherapy.
When carrying out mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid and silk peptides are very widely used. Being a type of biological proteins, they will protect patients from allergic reactions.


Professional cosmetics for cosmetologists on a natural basis include lipolytics. Lipolytic injections will relieve sagging skin, double chin, and excess fat deposits on the face. Lipolitics accelerate blood circulation and lymph outflow, stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and improve metabolic processes.

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Adipocyte apoptosis

Among indirect-acting lipolytics, apoptosis of adipocytes occupies a leading position. The content of vitamin C and ferrous iron distinguishes this remedy from other apoptosis drugs and enhances its effect on all fat deposits on the body. The use of this cosmetic product will correct the figure without necrosis, inflammation and fibrosis. The process of apoptosis, that is, the breakdown of fat deposits, starts quickly and for a long time.
Such a revolutionary trend in cosmetology as the use of chiral formulas allows one to achieve previously unprecedented results.
When carrying out peeling and fitness apoptosis, we are successfully moving towards chiral formulas in order to best satisfy customer requests.

PRP therapy

A revolutionary method in cosmetology is plasma lifting or PRP therapy. The use of platelet-rich plasma for intradermal injections makes this method natural and highly effective.
The main achievements of plasma lifting using Zan Factor preparations:

1. Stimulation of skin tissue metabolism.

2. Acceleration of cell regeneration.

3. Improving blood circulation in peripheral tissues.


Plasma therapy using plasma arc devices is used in cosmetic anti-aging procedures: tightening facial skin, correcting facial contours, getting rid of wrinkles and much more.
Plasma gel is made by heat treatment from blood plasma and has high plastic properties and regenerating ability.


Products and equipment for lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is designed to influence lymphatic drainage using manual or hardware pressure on problem areas. Many aesthetic defects are solved in this way: sagging skin, dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes. The effectiveness of this method directly depends on the use of professional cosmetics, equipment and the qualifications of the cosmetologist. Our Power line includes lymphotonics and lymphostimulators together with hyaluronic acid.
The use of mesopreparations with lymphatic drainage properties for lymphatic drainage gives a truly stunning effect.

The biorevitalization method helps to improve the morphological and functional condition of the skin: injection of preparations based on hyaluronic acid, polynucleotides, and peptides. The use of polylactic acid in low concentrations creates a collagen scaffolding effect. Biorevitalizants, like professional cosmetic preparations from Zan Factor, normalize the metabolism of the dermis and eliminate cosmetic defects: they restore smoothness and elasticity to the skin, and eliminate wrinkles.

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The use of threads for a facelift eliminates deep surgical intervention, requires a short recovery period and maximum effect from the procedure.
Professional cosmetics for thread lifting include:

· threads of self-absorbable and non-absorbable types;

· threads with a smooth surface and with notches.

PDO or polylactic threads from Zan Factor, which we offer for this procedure, meet all quality and safety requirements.

The selection of a series of threads for lifting based on texture and composition is carried out by a cosmetologist individually for each patient, based on the condition of the skin and the general condition of the body.

Among professional cosmetics for cosmetologists, polylactic acid fillers are at the peak of popularity. Polylactic acid injections replenish the missing tissue volume and stimulate the growth of collagen cells. This non-surgical facial plastic surgery is highly effective, safe and has the longest duration of action among all known drugs.

For any type of cosmetic procedure, not only efficiency is important, but also safety for the client.

Purchasing professional cosmetics for cosmetologists produced by Zan Factor in our online store will allow you to achieve maximum results at a competitive price. High-quality and certified products, qualified consultants and high speed of service are our main advantages.

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